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Energy savings roller shades, UV ray control, privacy, motorization, and electronic controls...all made into our roller solar window screens and shades.

Everybody loves a patio. Now you will love it even when the weather doesn't cooperate. Solar Patio Sun Shades & Restaurant Enclosures

World Screen Roller Solar Window Shades and screens are designed with custom applications, from weather enclosures to printed Solar graphic patio and window shades.

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Solar Roller Window Shades and Blinds

Solar Window Shades

Worldscreen's shading system provides an attractive way to block the sun & not your view. Our 100% American made sleek design & a wide variety of fabric choices will greatly reduce glare, block harmful UV rays & conserve energy. Air-conditioning loads can decrease over 60% with exterior mounted shades & over 22% when mounted inside. Installed inside or outside, you will cool your space while protecting your treasured belongings from fading.

Worldscreen's model 40-16 features a uniquely small 3-1/8" square cassette that blends in seamlessly with your trim yet can span an unmatched 40ft in width & up to 16ft of drop without any fabric splits.

It might look like magic, but it's actually just brilliant design. Worldscreen solar shades and blackout shades control light & temperature while blending into exterior architecture or interior design. Exterior shades feature a matching rail or cable guide system to control the shade from blowing in the wind.


Your new motorized screens can easily be automated with optional sun sensors & timers for the ultimate in convenience & energy control. In addition, Worldscreen's shades can be easily integrated with building automation systems including lighting, climate control & audio-visual systems from all the leading manufacturers.

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Our patented Solar Shades and Solar window screens head boxes are a fraction of the size of the competitions shade -- our Solar Roller Window Shades span up to 40 feet with no fabric split!
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Learn how our Roller Window Shades can beautify and soften your home or business interior space while Conserving Energy consumption.

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