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Residential Application

Patio enclosures expand Worldscreen’s floating roller tube technology beyond shade to weather protection and privacy. Restaurant owners discovered that our patio enclosures allow them to expand the overall time their outdoor seating and entertainment areas can be used, significantly increasing the chance for revenue when the weather turns foul.

Homeowners too have found expanded use of their covered patios for entertaining and privacy while simply retracting them up in good weather keeps that outdoor experience intact. When a chilly wind or rain begins they simply press a button and the retractable patio enclosure system rolls down leaving the inclement weather on the outside. With an optional clear window welded into either a solid vinyl or acrylic fabric panel, the natural light and outside view is maintained while protection from the elements is assured.

So get more enjoyment and use from your covered patio today by preparing it for all seasons. Call your local Worldscreen dealer or contact us for a referral!

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