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Commercial Application

When you’re looking for a beautiful way to enjoy privacy while maintaining your view, look to Worldscreen. Our motorized shading solutions soften a home's appearance while controlling light, glare, and heat exposure at the push of a button. You’ll protect valuable home possessions from solar damage by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays. You’ll increase energy savings—and enjoy greater privacy—with shades that can reduce air conditioning loads by up to 60%.*

Our patented MicroCassette technology is the only solution you can buy that allows you to cover wider areas effectively and attractively: seamless when it’s down, virtually invisible when it’s up. If you want to enhance the value and efficiency of your home or business, a Worldscreen solution might be your best investment yet. You may add a wireless remote or integrate it into your home or office automation system (existing or planned). Sun or wind sensors give you even more control over your environment.


  • We offer five standard cassette colors: white, ivory, beige, bronze, and clear anodized, which may be coated with standard paint finishes or wallpaper to match your facade.
  • Custom powder coating is also available at a premium.
  • Matching rails or optional matching cable guides for exterior solar shade installation.

* Results vary based on fabric selections and mounting options. Exterior-mounted shades can reduce air conditioning loads over 60%; interior-mounted shades can reduce air conditioning loads up to 22%.

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