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We are continually finding new potential uses for our products. We recently showed our shading systems to an automotive dealer on Long Island, N.Y., who is considering purchasing a solar shade for an 8-foot drop on a west-facing window because glare from the sun drives salespeople to wear sunglasses while working on their computers. It is also difficult, at certain times of the day, for customers to comfortably view the cars on display.

We demonstrated how our shades can be programmed to raise and lower the shades automatically each afternoon so that salespeople wouldn’t have to interrupt a conversation with a potential buyer to adjust the lighting. As an added bonus, the dealership would experience reduced air-conditioning bills in the summer months because the shades keep the showroom cool and comfortable. 

The customized shades can also be equipped with the logos of several of the top-selling cars—effective shading that doubles as advertising, while still maintaining visibility.

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