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Management Team

Summer 2006

Watertown, Conn. – Mr. Stephen P. Lukos, Worldscreen founder and president, has received formal notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office of having been awarded two patents for his exclusive MicroCassette design. The motorized or manually operated MicroCassette, featuring a sleek designed headbox that is capable of housing a shade of up to 40 feet wide with a 16-foot drop, boasts a slim, graceful design that is customizable to any décor. Mr. Lukos’s MicroCassette design seamlessly marries quality, technology, and elegance.

This most recent patent comes in addition to the four patents Mr. Lukos has already been awarded. He also has one patent pending in the U.S., for the floating fabric system, the technology that eliminates wrinkling and “smiles” in Worldscreen’s shading systems, as well as in 40 other countries.

In a related development, Worldscreen has received notification from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that its name has officially been registered as a trademark. 


Worldscreen is part of the Watertown, Conn.-based Eastern Awning Systems Group, which manufactures retractable awnings.

Summer 2005

Another Patent Pending for Worldscreen

Watertown, Conn. – The Watertown, Conn.-based solar shade manufacturer Worldscreen has announced that its president, Mr. Stephen P. Lukos, has applied for multiple patents in more than 40 countries so far for its solar shade technology.

Mr. Stephen P. Lukos, founder and president of Worldscreen, developed the technology behind the floating fabric suspension system. “I designed this in response to concerns that customers had about maintenance free operation that is inherent with our competitors' products,” Mr. Lukos said. “This assures you of years of flawless, wrinkle-free use of your shades.”


Worldscreen is part of the Watertown, Conn.-based Eastern Awning Systems Group, which manufactures retractable awnings. 

Spring 2005

Worldscreen Offers Wider Shades

Watertown, Conn. – Worldscreen founder and president, Mr. Stephen P. Lukos, announced today that Worldscreen products now provide solar shades to span areas wider than those of any competitors. The new MicroCassettes contain seamless fabric up to 40 feet wide, an increase of 13 feet over competitors' products.

“This will dramatically expand our ability to serve commercial and large residential clients that have wide windows to shield,” Mr. Lukos said. “The new products are still easy to install, making them more convenient than anything else on the market.”

The MicroCassette 40.16 has a head box that is only 3 1/8" square and contains a shade up to 40 feet wide and 16 feet drop. The larger MicroCassette 40.30 is only incrementally larger, at 4 1/2" square, and it contains a shade of up to 40 feet wide by a drop of 30 to 40 feet, depending on fabric thickness and type.

Both offer a compact alternative to other manufacturers, needing as few as three people to install a shade that covers up to 40 feet wide without any special equipment. Installation is simple with our powder-coated aluminum brackets, which are designed so that the cassette snaps into place. One motor controls a width of up to 40 feet, saving the cost of additional motors and wiring.


Worldscreen is part of the Watertown, Conn.-based Eastern Awning Systems Group, which manufactures retractable awnings. 

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